Fantastic Psychic/Clairvoyant

a must to visit... I met had a reading with Theo today and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Immediately he put me at ease and he went on to explain exactly the situation I was in and offered some very sound advice on measures to improve it.

The whole time we spent in the session Theo seemed to be totally attuned to me and my recent experiences and then went on to explain in some detail on how the future might pan out. Lots of detail... can't wait for the future to arrive to meet up again with Theo to discuss again in more detail about experiences achieved. 

Well worth a visit 


Such a kind soul, and spot-on! Such a kind gentleman, could not recommend more. Did not feel like a customer felt like he was family, made me feel at ease. And gave me the guidance I needed. Love to Uncle Theo, will definitely be seeing him again x Casey

Wonderful! Theo was direct and honest with how he saw things, not necessarily what I wanted to hear but what I needed to hear. He was so thorough using cards, palm and crystal ball and I was left in no doubt about his extraordinary abilities. Thanks. Liz x

Theo is simply the best in the business.

I have had 2 years of sadness after the loss of our beautiful granddaughter. I could not eat, sleep or work. Theo always gave me no-nonsense, sound honest readings, not always what I wanted to hear but he has saved my life and that's not me being a drama queen.

Theo has given me sound, practical advice that I would have never believed. Everything he said has come true over many months of happenings and now we are awaiting a baby grandchild again. After so much pain and sadness, Theo is a real-life coach, councillor and the best Reader I have ever met.

Thank you Theo from my heart XX

A great help to us, needed quick answers and got them. Theo you are a genius. You told us things no one else could have known. We will be back for sure. Best to you and yours and a happy new year! 
Rachel and family xxx

My first visit was several months ago, Theo helped me through a very tough time in my life,when I'm in need of guidance and my pathway forward, Theo has always fit me in, 100% recommend and I can honestly say ' Theo has not been wrong about anything yet!'

I saw Theo today for my first ever psychic reading. I was sceptic to start but completely convinced now. He was so clear and explained everything in detail, even things there was no way he could know about me! I honestly feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can move forward. He asked if there were any specific things I wanted to know which he did separate card readings, read my palm (which others have refused to do in the past) and used a crystal ball. 

I will most definitely be seeing Theo again in the future as I walked out with a huge smile on my face and ready to conquer anything that comes my way. 

Thanks again Theo, you angel :)

I saw theo for the first time 7 years ago when he told me I would have 2 more children and that they would be twins he actually used the phrase Siamese twins .. I went away thinking no that can't be right I already have 3 children and do not want anymore . 3 months later myself and my partner found out I was pregnant and then had a scan to be told the news that we were expecting a very rare type of twins who shared everything including an amniotic sac and placenta. The type of twins we were expecting were monoamniotic which only occur in 1 in every 64.000 sets of twins . They r the closest type of twins to Siamese twins as share everything due to late egg split . Had the egg split a day or two later they would have been conjoined. .
Theo also told me other things that over the years have also occurred . I returned to see theo again yesterday for a reading and again he was spot on with things . Highly recommended 

Brilliant, soul-changing very honest

and accurate. I have been going to Theo for many years, he makes you feel at ease, is also easy to talk to, very honest even if it's things I don't want to hear, I went to see Theo again a few months ago and he has been so accurate in what he said, I will be going back again to see what else

the future holds.. Debbie X


Theo tells it straight like it or not, I don't know how he does it So spookily accurate Dates months of happenings At times I have felt rock Bottom and Theo gave me help and hope, it is easy to think he's simply cheering me up, but no - its completely true when he says he sees it. He really does I have been let down by psychics in the past But not Theo he really it so so accurate xx Anita

Loved the way he guided me to do the thing that was right for me. Was genuine and authentic and also encouraged me to focus on my career before  even knowing that I’m a career oriented girl. Loved the service and his wise advice. Thanks Theo 😊

If you're looking for a true psychic reading, this man is amazing. He knows things no one else could possibly know. I've seen a few psychics over the years but this man is definitely a cut above the rest, I truly feel blessed at having found him. I decided a few months before writing this to see if what he said would actually come true. Everything he told me has happened against all odds and I don't know how he knows this stuff! Booked readings on the phone and in person, he reads Tarot cards like an ancient soul speaking to your heart, no nonsense and very down to earth - so, so happy, a friend for life and I'll be back to see you soon Theo! Definitely worth every penny and a regular reading every month really helps focus your mind and I feel one step ahead of the game all the time now. Look no further, call him today and be amazed!! Thanks to Theo my life just got better. Best wishes. Andy

I have just had my first ever reading theo told me things only I would know and really help shape some questions I have been asking my self thank you so much Theo - I will be visiting soon no doubt ! X

An uncanny series of coincidences led me to have my tarot read by Theo last week. I gave him no information about my life or why I was seeking a reading because I wanted to see what the cards etc had to say about my life (and I am a little sceptical too) and yet the reading was accurate and detailed about work, love, and life in general. After the reading, I confessed to Theo that the last time I had my tarot cards read was 21 years ago and that he had read them. I was 21 at the time and had just found out I was 6 weeks pregnant. I didn't tell Theo at the time (being the sceptic) but during that reading, he told me all about the son I would have very soon, described the house I lived in and the house we had just signed a contract for, as well as describing my future in the house I now live in. Theo's reading played no small part in the fact that my son exists (we were thinking of a termination, given our age at the time) and is as remarkable as Theo said he would be...

First time I've been to Theo today. I went looking for Business advice primarily and certainly got exactly the answers I needed plus a lot more. I went with pre prepared questions and they were all answered with the help of Theo's main spirit guide Molly. Mind blowing. If you live in Essex, Theo is the one to see, mark my words. He has a few interesting personal stories to back up his gifts as well. I received a bit of crystal ball, palmistry and tarot backed up with what he was feeling strongly from spirit. He will be part of my inner circle of advisors going forward on today's experience. Big thumbs up.

I am a happy person after meeting Theo!

I met Theo at the beginning of this week

and it was the best decision I have ever made. I cannot stop smiling since I left his warm place. He is very welcoming, very positive, and friendly. I felt like I knew him a long time ago. I was lost in my life, not being able to trust myself, I don’t feel like I can make good decisions in my life, and I left with head up, knowing what is coming next, optimistic and happy. No word can describe how happy I am. We had a very helpful chat, he gave me advice on how to boost my self-esteem and give me hope that tomorrow is better. He changed the way I look at my future, I now only see happiness, hope, and success coming. I would definitely come to see him again. Thank you Theo